Mijoba Communications is a multicultural consulting firm offering specialized services to business, healthcare and community organizations. There are four specific areas of expertise we offer, as follows:

Our linguistic services include interpreting and translation, with specific emphasis upon Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. At the present time, much of our work is conducted for the healthcare industry, providing businesses with services for their employees to ensure adequate provision of health care. Document and other translation services are also available as needed.

Cultural Competence Training Programs are designed for the healthcare and other businesses to address the increasingly diverse multicultural communities. Our programs are directed at both internal issues, such as maximization of employee productivity through awareness of diversity within a specific work environment, and also the many important issues pertaining to addressing the needs of the customers served.

Our organizational coaching division offers one-to-one and team coaching to administrators, managers and executives and their staff. Our team of coaches focus on issues of cultural competency and work with healthcare providers interested in exploring such issues. Rather than providing consulting services, our coaching is an interactive process of learning by engaging in one's own cultural self-assessment.


Mijoba Communications only utilizes interpreters/translators that are fully prepared and competent to provide the quality of service that we promise our customers. Mijoba Communications will provide you with an outline of our interpreters/translators qualifications for your review prior to completing an assignment.

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