"We strongly believe that with a greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity, the ultimate success of all individual groups is more assured in our rapidly changing global environment."

Nadesha Mijoba founded Mijoba Communications, LLC in 1997, and currently serves as the company's President and CEO. At its inception, the primary focus of Mijoba Communications was on interpreting and translation services for the healthcare and health insurance industry. However, by the end of 1998, it became apparent that it was not enough to just simply provide language services but that issues of cultural diversity needed to become an integral part of the Mijoba Communications professional strategy. At this point, the company was transformed into a full-service consultation firm with a particular emphasis on cultural and linguistic competence for healthcare organizations.

In 2006, Mijoba Communications entered a new stage as a 21st-century cross-disciplinary communications consultancy. Mijoba Communications focuses upon establishing collaborative teams in order to best meet the needs of its clients.

Our Statement of Values

Respect: Mijoba Communication acknowledges the continuous growth of all individuals, the desire of all for a life of quality, and seeks to promote fair and equitable treatment.

Collaborating: Mijoba Communications is committed to the principle of collaborative engagement - all those directly impacted by the functions of the organization must have a voice in the policies that govern our actions.

Integrity: Mijoba Communications believes in building trust and collaboration. We will make every effort to always act in accord with what we claim we will do, and that our actions will always be consistent with high standards of honesty, loyalty and sensitivity towards all.

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