Multicultural awareness is a vital component of any organizational strategy. In many communities today, one finds different languages, cultural attitudes and historical backgrounds in addition to diverse approaches to various health and illness beliefs. Failure to appreciate and be fully aware of culturally-based perspectives can jeopardize any attempt to reach communities within which such forces are operating.

Mijoba Communications can assist your organization in the implementation of a cultural self-assessment evaluation. One purpose of such an evaluation is to reveal those aspects of the prevailing business approach which may impair communication with diverse ethnic/cultural groups. Once these business weaknesses are exposed and understood, we can then begin to establish customized training modules to address the deficits in question. At all stages of the cultural competency training, education is the key to increasing the potential for enhancement of the organization. Participants attending this program will develop an increased awareness of cultural values and norms and their impact on business practices in addition to building skills to help meet the challenges of communicating across cultures and working in different cultural environments.

Numerous issues are of importance in this process. For example, it is necessary to understand such points as -

What assumptions may potential clients be making of your visible identity?

What are the perceptions of clients upon first encountering your organization?

How consistent is the image portrayed, especially across diverse ethnic/cultural groups?

In addition to the initial evaluation and establishment of training modules, Mijoba Communications will seek to implement ongoing self-assessment which is vital to maintaining appropriate awareness of cross-cultural differences. In conjunction with enhanced cultural awareness, sensitivity and competence, remaining culturally-responsive will insure that past barriers to effective business practice will not re-emerge in the future.

Mijoba Communications is prepared to assist your organization in the design and implementation of a strategy which addresses your specific business needs. Please contact us to arrange for on-site proposal development with a qualified representative of our consulting group.

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