"For the individual and the organization: 
         self-discovery is the key."

Mijoba Communications is a multi-faceted consultation firm with a special focus upon linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity as such issues are manifest in social, health, educational and business environments. Our philosophy is based on the idea that attention to language, culture, ethnicity and global diversity is essential to success in both the new economy and the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.

As reflected in our approach to issues of global diversity, no population, market, or service should be viewed as isolated from the rest of the world. Whether in business, healthcare, educational programs or any professional venture, all are now part of an interconnected web in which effective communication is vital to social and economic survival and success.

For healthcare services in particular, the role of linguistic and culturally competent services has undergone significant change over the past decade. Regulatory changes, new technology, re-definition of the professional role of interpreters/translators, and an increasing recognition of the importance of culturally competent communication have all served to transform such services into a vital element in many healthcare organizations. Nonetheless, historical views of such services have largely overlooked the broader need to build a bridge between Western healthcare systems and those whose diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds preclude the receipt of full benefit from such systems. Our goal is to assist healthcare organizations build such bridges by making recommendations for addressing issues of cross-cultural communication as a public health challenge.


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