Our organizational coaching division offers one-to-one and team coaching to administrators, managers and executives and their staff.

Our team of coaches focus on issues of cultural competency and work with healthcare providers interested in exploring such issues. Coaching is a process of learning by engaging in one's own cultural self-assessment, and differs significantly from traditional consulting services.

Culturally competent medical practice begins with the provider's commitment to a lifelong process of learning about people from diverse cultures and lifestyles. The first step in this process of exploring one's own cultural heritage is recognizing those factors influencing one's own views, beliefs, and values - one's own life. Part of this process is also recognizing the ways in which socioeconomic status and life experience affect individual knowledge and belief systems. The reward of these efforts is a deeper understanding of one's clients, an appreciation of the richness of people's diverse experiences, and an ability to provide higher quality and culturally responsive healthcare services.

Through our creative coaching approach, Mijoba Communications works with clients in an experience of self-assessment as the first important step in building awareness and confidence in addressing cross-cultural differences with clients.

If you are seeking coaching for yourself or someone else in your organization, we invite you to contact us at nadesha@mijobacommunications.com.

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